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Eetu Klemetti: Kampi-Klemetin nuottikirja



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The musician and luthier Eetu Klemetti explored the earliest layers of Finnish fiddle music and asked himself a question: "What if the hurdy-gurdy had been more widely known in Finland already long ago?" Klemetti's debut album features haunting tunes with screaming hurdy-gurdy renditions. It's also probably the first one of its kind as an all hurdy-gurdy album to be made in our country.


1. Cagliostro
2. Waltz
3. Jäähyväiset isänmaalle
4. Elisabeth'in polska
5. Menuetti & polska
6. 97
7. Marche
8. Ruotsin katrillit
9. Kotiljongivalssi
10. Klockar Samuell Dikström
11. Tuulokset
12. Wals Quadrille
13. Kolmisatanen
14. La Poesana
15. Johans Ylinickola
16. Polnoise Elias Kaakinen
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