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Finno-Balkan Voices



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"Where the Nordic and the Balkan cultures cross..." 

Finno-Balkan Voices comprises of two groups of professional folk singers, the Finnish group Mamo and the Vaya Quartet from Bulgaria. Their repertoire includes folk songs, commissioned pieces and songs written by the members of the ensemble. 

In the album you will hear two ancient, strong and mysterious singing traditions: the Finnish and the Bulgarian.


1. Chichovite kone / Hevosia hyviä

2. Maarojani          

3. Lintuseni  

4. Tsafti mi, tsafti bosilko

5. Sevdelino, detelino

6. Oisko mun suussani / Rano mi e, more

7. Peperuda

8. Metsän sävel

9. Sinko, Stoyane

10. Taz vecher

11. Pyy pesätön lintu

12. Snoshti e Dobra

13. Läksin minä kesäyönä 

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