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Träskelin & Korva: Turvalan uunilla ja muita lauluja



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Finnish erotic folk tradition 1

The duo Turvalan uunilla, formed by Jimmy Träskelin and Sampo Korva, dives deep into the exhilarating world of Finnish erotic folk tradition. The duos repertoire consists of the old folks’ shameless work songs and erotic rekilaulu-songs as well as humoristic couplets.

Träskelin and Korva address their subject bluntly and explicitly, however giving it a unique and delicate rendition. The songs, accompanied by the duos tender ukulele, guitar and harmonica, reveal exciting angles on the attitudes and erotic mindscapes of the bygone world and remind of the fact that some essential features of humanity can’t be changed even by time.

Turvalan uunilla ja muita lauluja is the first release in the Turvalan uunilla series.


1. Voi sen rouvan onnea
2. Satiainen
3. Turvalan uunilla
4. Tuorilan talo
5. Lasta tuuvittelen
6. Kymmenen kynttä
7. Nätti poika
8. Likka se sano
9. Kun minä kerran kuuntelin
10. Roomaskan Tiltu

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