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Duo Pimperot - Piika huusi pinkotinta



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Finnish Erotic Folk Tradition 3

The debut album by Duo Pimperot (Helmi Camus & Maija Kauhanen) is the third record in the Kansanmusiikki-instituutti's series which exhibits Finnish erotic song tradition. The duo has arranged traditional melodies and texts into an exhilarating whole which relies on hard facts and the strangth of bare human voice. The stories which have been elevated from the moist swamps of folk tradition depict for example the consolation of a despondent penis as well as the adventures of a flying vagina, occasionally indulging in the joys of intensive songs of lust.

Ei pillu oo pahoista tehty / Veitikka / Perseen univirsi / Kyppä rukka / Kucku / Pimppini on valloillaan / Kyrväl on kymmenen nimeä / Kintun taa / Aamen / Lentävä pillu / Kysyttelen kyrvältäni / Karvakäkkylä / Hässi saatana / Piika huusi pinkotinta / Lut maania / Ei nyt muuta / Persep

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